Creating a Relaxing Poolside Environment: Transform Your Backyard Oasis

Mark Larm Jul 30, 2023
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Backyard oasis

Creating a Relaxing Poolside Environment: Transform Your Backyard Oasis

When the sun is shining, and the weather is warm, there’s nothing quite like lounging by a refreshing poolside oasis.  Creating a relaxing poolside environment not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your backyard but also provides a tranquil space to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.  In this blog, we will explore some tips and ideas to help you transform your pool area into a serene and inviting retreat that will have your friends and family wanting to come back time after time.

  1. Comfortable Seating: 

The foundation of a relaxing poolside environment begins with comfortable seating options.  After all, who doesn’t love reclining in a cozy chair by the pool?  Consider investing in durable outdoor furniture that is not only stylish but also provides ample support and cushioning.  Lounge chairs with adjustable backs are perfect for those seeking the ideal position to soak up the sun or take a quick nap.  Hammocks offer a fun and unique way to relax, swaying gently in the breeze.  And outdoor sofas with weather-resistant materials provide a comfortable gathering space for family and friends. 

  1. Shaded Areas:

While basking in the sun has its charm, having shaded areas in your poolside oasis is essential for those seeking respite from the heat.  Direct exposure to the sun for prolonged periods can be uncomfortable and even harmful.  Install umbrellas, pergolas, or retractable awnings to create shaded spots where you can find relief from direct sunlight.   This allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still having protection from the sun’s rays.  Consider using fabric in colors that complement your poolside theme, and position the shading elements strategically to cover areas where you’re likely to spend the most time. 

  1. Ambient Lighting:

Extend the usability of your poolside oasis into the evening hours by incorporating ambient lighting.  Soft, warm lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere and sets the mood for unwinding after a long day.  As the sun sets, the right lighting can transform your pool area into a magical space.  Install outdoor string lights along fences, pergolas, or tree branches, creating a twinkling effect that adds a touch of enchantment.  Lanterns and LED fixtures can be positioned strategically around the pool to provide gentle illumination without being too overpowering.  Solar-powered lights are a sustainable option that doesn’t require electrical wiring.  Can we all say Amen for no electrical wiring?  And never, ever, toss a bunch of lit floating candles into your pool.  Yes, I went out to clean a pool that had a skimmer filled with melted, floating candles.  They may look cool but don’t do your pool any good.  Now you can get colored floating lights that even change colors while they bob around making the bottom sparkle. 

  1. Greenery and Landscaping:

Integrating lush greenery and landscaping elements around your pool can greatly enhance its visual appeal.  Plants not only provide natural beauty but also offer privacy and shade.  Consider the climate and conditions in your area when selecting plants to ensure they thrive with minimal maintenance.  Tropical plants like palm trees, ferns, and hibiscus add a resort-like feel, while succulents and cacti create a modern and low-maintenance landscape.  If space allows, you can create a small garden bed or even a vertical garden wall to introduce a variety of plants.  Additionally, potted plants can be moved around to refresh the look and feel of your poolside oasis.  

Landscaping hacks from your pool pro.  Plants with tiny leaves or that let off lots of seeds go right through your skimmer and pump baskets, clogging your filter.  If you find something that you just must have then realize that you will need to clean your filter more often.  Also, those palm trees look amazing but they get these giant seed pods that flower and attract lots of bees and can cover your pool and fill your skimmer basket.  Then the seeds drop and constantly stop your pool vacuum from doing its job.  Luckily the seed pods are easy to cut down for a few years but they grow so tall so fast that you will need to hire a professional once or twice a year to trim them up and the cost adds up.  Lastly, potted plants.  Don’t keep potted plants on the edge of the pool except maybe for the pool party.  Every time it rains or you overwater them they splash plant food (phosphates) into your pool water.  Hint; algae is a plant and phosphates are a super-food for them.  If you love your plants or have a garden around your pool check out this YouTube Short to see how to help your pool.  

  1. Outdoor Sound System:

Immerse yourself in a calming atmosphere by incorporating an outdoor sound system.  Soft music or the soothing sounds of nature can greatly enhance relaxation by creating an auditory escape.  Invest in weatherproof speakers or wireless sound systems that can be easily integrated with your poolside area.  Consider setting up speakers hidden in planters or mounted on walls for a seamless appearance.  You can create playlists featuring calming instrumental music, natural sounds like flowing water or birdsong, or even white noise if you prefer a more meditative atmosphere.  Alternatively, wireless headphones can offer a personalized sound without disturbing others enjoying the poolside environment.   

  1. Poolside Refreshments:

Complete the experience by adding a poolside refreshment station.  After all, what’s relaxation without some delicious drinks and snacks to enjoy?  Install a small outdoor kitchenette or bar area equipped with a mini-fridge, countertop, and seating.  Stock it with chilled beverages like refreshing lemonade, iced tea, or fruity cocktails, along with a variety of snacks.  A blender can be a fantastic addition, allowing you to whip up fresh smoothies or frozen margaritas on hot summer days.  You can also include a small ice chest to keep drinks cool and refreshing throughout the day.  Having everything you need within reach will ensure you can fully relax without constantly needing to leave the poolside.  To the host or hostess, we love you and don’t want to see you spending your time running in and out of the house trying to keep everyone happy so stock up.  

  1. Poolside Cabanas:

If you’re looking to take your poolside oasis to the next level, consider adding a poolside cabana.  Cabanas provide a luxurious and private space to unwind, offering shade and comfort for lounging or enjoying a poolside message.  Depending on your budget and space availability, you can choose from prefabricated cabanas or custom-built ones that match your poolside theme.  Accessorize the cabana with plush cushions, curtains, and perhaps a minibar or small refrigerator to keep refreshments close at hand.


Creating a relaxing poolside environment is all about designing a space that promotes serenity and rejuvenation.  By incorporating comfortable seating, shaded areas, ambient lighting, greenery, soothing sounds, and a refreshment station, you can transform your pool area into a tranquil oasis.  Take the time to personalize your space, ensuring it reflects your style and preferences.  With these tips, you can create a backyard retreat that invites you to unwind, recharge, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by the poolside.  So, start planning your dream poolside oasis today and turn your backyard into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come.  

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