Pool Pumps and Filters

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Based on my experience, Pentair Pool Filters and products are the perfect addition to any pool. They feature easily accessible removable filter grids or cartridges that provide quick, convenient cleaning. Another thing to consider is that DE filters require the extra purchase of a backwash valve and the backwash hose. DE filters clean down to a smaller micron but leave an awful mess if you don't have a place to wash the grids. If you use a cartridge filter I recommend using a clarifier that will assist in better cleaning.  Waterway is made in America and I have only had one fail on me in the decade that they have been around.  If properly maintained and protected from the sun the material and design are truly built to last the test of time. The fountain cover works great for protecting your filter from the sun, just cut a little hole in top for pressure gauge.

One more thing to consider is that if you have a Hayward filter and don't want the expense to replumb to fit the new filter then you may want to go with another Hayward filter.


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