Swimming Pool Supplies

Best swimming pool supplies for the new swimming pool owner. Let my 17 years of experience compare them all for you.

Are you looking for swimming pool supplies? Let me sort out the confusion for you. After almost two decades in the business, I've seen it all and I've learned some valuable lessons. The first lesson is that you don't want to learn the hard way. That means you screwed something up in your pool and now you need to fix it, and yes, that means going back to YouTube for hours of watching videos on cleaning a green pool instead of swimming in your clean pool. The right pool net will save you time with weekly maintenance or cleaning up after a storm. Using the wrong pool brush can take years off the life of your plaster. What pool water chemical test kit will make your life easier? Let me link you straight to what I would buy so you can get back out into the sun and enjoy your swimming pool. The way it works is what you see first is what I like the most and what comes last in a section is the only cheap version I like.

The Basics; Start With The Best. 

Skimmer Net

Sepetrel,Pool Net,Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Nets for Cleaning with Nylon Deep Bag,Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame... 

Carbon Fiber Telescoping Pole

12FT DOBEN Pool Pole Carbon Fiber, Telescopic Pool Pole 3.7 to 12 Feet, Professional Telescoping Swimming Pool, Cleaning Poles ...      

Aluminum Telescoping, Locking Pole

16FT   [ Patented ] ProTuff Pool Pole, Telescopic 16ft - Never Sticks or Slips - Lifetime, No Cost Replacements - Heavy Duty Telescoping Pool Poles for Cleaning - Premium Pool Cleaning Equipment                                           

Nylon Pool Brush                                 

Sepetrel Pool Brush Head for Cleaning Pool Walls,Heavy Duty Inground/Above Ground Swimming Pool Scrub Brushes with Premium...

Hayward Pool Cleaner. 4 wheels for larger pools and 2 wheels for smaller pools.

Sponsored Ad - Hayward W3PVS40JST Poolvergnuegen Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools up to 20 x 40 ft. (Automatic Poo...  

Swimables Universal Swimming Pool Cleaner Hose 48" Designed for the Hayward Navigator, Pool Vac XL, Aquabug, Wanda the Whale, Kreepy Krauly, Aquanaut Pool Vacuum Hose | 11 Sections and 1 Leader Hose

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